Wednesday September 7, 2011

10:00       Registration (coffee served on site)
12:30       Lunch available on campus
14:00       Introductory remarks

------        Overview and challenges                                                                                     

14:15       Jan Henrik Ardenkjaer-Larsen
       Dissolution-DNP polarizer for sterile use intent; considerations for clinical
14:45        Daniella Goldfarb
       Correlation of the EPR properties of perchlorotriphenylmethyl radicals and their
       efficiency as DNP polarizers

15:15       Coffee break

16:00       Thomas Prisner
       High field Dynamic Nuclear Polarization in Liquid
16:30       Miquel Pons
       Dissolution DNP and Quadrupolar Nuclei
16:45       Kevin Brindle
       Imaging metabolism - Watching tumours gasp and die with hyperpolarised MRI
17:15        Huiming Zhang
       Cancer Biology by Hyperpolarized 13C/15N MRSI: From Basic Discovery to Clinic

17:45       Free evening

Thursday September 8, 2011

------         Liquid state DNP techniques                                                                                

8:30         Christian Hilty
         Solid-to-liquid state DNP: Beyond the Small Molecule Limit
9:00         Philip Lottmann
         Shuttle DNP Spectrometer with a Two-Center Magnet
9:15         Jan van Bentum
         High field liquid state DNP in a microfluidic context
9:30         Sami Jannin
         Enhancing Polarization Lifetimes for Dissolution-DNP Experiments

10:00       Coffee break

10:45       Walter Koeckenberger
       Simulating Spin Dynamics During Dynamic Nuclear Polarization
11:15       John Franck
       Quantitative Overhauser Effect Dynamic Nuclear Polarization (OE-DNP) for the
       Measurement of Hydration Dynamics

11:30       Poster session

12:30       Lunch served on site

------        Instrumentation and design                                                                                  

14:00       Stefano Alberti
       THz-instrumentation development for gyrotron-DNP applications: from source to
14:30       Graham Smith
       Wideband High Power Pulse Techniques for EPR and DNP
15:00       Emile de Rijk
       THz-Waves Channeling in a Monolithic Saddle-Coil for DNP-NMR
15:15       Patrick Hautle
       DNP using photo-excited triplet states and its application to build a neutron spin

15:45       Coffee break

16:30       Melanie Rosay
       Solid-State DNP Spectrometer for Applications to Biological Solids and Material
17:00       Li Wang
       High deuteron Polarization in polymer target materials
17:15       Richard Temkin
       460 and 527 GHz Gyrotron Systems for DNP/NMR

19:15       Harbour of Ouchy: Conference dinner cruise on Lake Geneva
Dinner will be served on the most prestigious Swiss steam boat, La Suisse.


Friday September 9, 2011

------        Solid state DNP techniques I                                                                                 

8:30         Anne Lesage
         Dynamic nuclear polarization NMR spectroscopy for the characterization of
         material surfaces
9:00         Olivier Lafon
         Beyond the silica surface by direct 29Si dynamic nuclear polarization
9:15         Alexey Potapov
         Low temperature DNP for characterization of static samples using 2D-exchange
9:30         Mark Smith
         A Novel Spectrometer Design for DNP Enhanced Solid State MAS NMR using a
         Quasioptical Microwave Transmission Design and Investigation of the Factors
         Determining the DNP Signal Enhancement at 94 GHz

10:00       Coffee break

10:30       Paul Tordo
       Properties of dinitroxides for use in Dynamic Nuclear Polarization
11:00       Albert Smith
       Solid Effect Dynamic Nuclear Polarization and Polarization Transfer Pathways
11:15       Yoh Matsuki
       Solid-State NMR Enhanced by Helium-Cooling and -Spinning Dynamic Nuclear
       Polarization at 14 T and 30 K

11:45       Poster session

12:45       Lunch served on site

------        Solid state DNP techniques II                                                                                

14:00       Marc Caporini
       Fractional Spin-Labeling of Polymers for Enhancing NMR Sensitivity by Dynamic
       Nuclear Polarization without Glass-forming Solvents
14:30       Ümit Akbey
       High-Field DNP Enhanced NMR Spectroscopy of Proteins in the Solid-State:
       Application to Deuterated and Protonated Proteins
14:45       Björn Corzilius
       High Field Dynamic Nuclear Polarization with High-Spin Transition Metal Ions

15:00       Coffee break

------        Biomedical applications I                                                                                     

15:45       Mathilde Lerche
       Yeast glycolysis through the magnifying glass of 13C-Hyperpolarization
16:15       Thomas Eykyn
       Studies of drug treatment response by 13C DNP MRS – correlations with
       mechanisms of action
16:30       Daniel Vigneron
       Preclinical and Phase I Human Studies of Hyperpolarized Carbon-13 MRI

17:30       Glass of wine offered by the City of Lausanne

18:30       Free evening

Saturday September 10, 2011

------        Biomedical applications II                                                                                    

8:30        Damian Tyler
        Investigating the Mechanisms of Cardiovascular Disease Using Hyperpolarized
        Magnetic Resonance
9:00        Steven Reynolds
        Improved Hyperpolarised 13C Pyruvate Metabolism Model Using Measured
        Arterial Input Function in a Rat Tumour Model
9:15        Matthew Merritt
        A Study of Metabolism in the Perfused Liver Using Hyperpolarized Pyruvate
9:45        Mor Mishkovsky
        Studying brain metabolism in vivo via hyperpolarized magnetic resonance

10:15       Coffee break

11:00       Malgorzata Marjanska
       Hyperpolarized 13C spectroscopy in rat brain
11:30       Rolf Schulte
       Advanced Parallel Imaging Techniques for Metabolic Imaging with
       Hyperpolarised 13C
11:45       Alexander Barnes
       DNP at 16.4 and 8.9 Tesla with TUnable Gyrotrons and High-Resolution Cryogenic
       MAS Probes

12:15       Closing remarks

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